An Investment Platform

Agsmarkets cTrader Copy is an overhaul of the mirror trading platform, formerly known as cMirror, which functions as a flexible investment platform and a fully-integrated feature of cTrader.

Any trader can become a Strategy Provider, and broadcast their trading signals to followers for a performance, management and volume fee. Investors can, in turn, discover strategies, and copy them without any long-term commitment.

Strategy Profiles

Strategy Providers can create detailed profiles to help them promote themselves. Descriptions can be added to provide supporting information about the strategy. Each strategy has its own URL, making it easy to share with prospective investors outside of the cTader platform.


Advantages for investor


  • Rank all strategies according to performance. Filter by strategy age and Return on Investment.
  • Start and stop copying with the click of a button.
  • Modify the amount of funds allocated to a specific strategy easily while you keep copying the strategy.
  • Access detailed reporting of all your open and closed positions.

Advantages for strategy providers


  • Start sharing your strategy immediately without signed agreements or special requirements..
  • Charge 3 types of fees: Performance, Volume and Management.
  • Set a Minimum Investment Amount and get meaningful returns.
  • Center stage of an open environment, offering infinitie potential.                         


Trade a wide variety of Forex, Indices, Energies, Cryptos, Metals


Make your own trading decisions and place your trades manually on cTrader.


You don’t want to trade on your own? Start copying tested strategies on cTrader Copy.


Use the cTrader’s cBots to automate your trading for increased speed and objectivity.


Get actionable in-platform trading recommendations  from Trading Central, a global leader in financial market analysis.


cTrader Desktop and Web

cTrader is a reliable platform that stands out for its charting tools, advanced order types and robust risk management features.

cTrader Mobile and Tablet

The cTrader app is constantly being optimised for high-performance and enables you to have full control over your trading activity while on the move.

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