Partner center

Partner Center

Our Partner Center is a single interface that has everything you need to manage and retain your clients across all brokers. From our cTrader Partner Center, you can view all direct clients, their balance, current volume, contact information, date of account creation and last login time, as well as a complete history of all their trades and revenues gained from every trade.

Flexible Remuneration Models

To ensure maximum flexibility, our Partner Program supports a variety of remuneration models. All settings are configured on a per symbol, per partner basis, in both, pips and commission. The payouts are realized at midnight UTC each day.

Fixed fees

Fixed Fees

IBs are paid a fixed amount. Parent-IBs, if existent, get paid a percentage of that fixed amount, which varies, depending on the rank of their Sub-IB. The Parent-IB’s percentage is paid directly by the Sub-IB.

Shared Fixed Fees

Shared Fixed Fees

A fixed amount is applied, and this is the maximum amount the IB can earn. Percentages, applied to ranks, determine the percentage of the total amount paid to the IB, and what is shared with the Parent-IB.

Shared Broker Fees

Shared Broker Fees

IBs get paid a percentage of the markup and commissions, charged to their clients. Percentages are configured to determine how markup and commissions are shared between the IB, the Parent-IB, and the broker. Percentages are adjustable per rank.

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